Golden Guy Gallery at Burning Man

Once a year, tucked inside a dusty back alley, deep in the heart of Black Rock City lies the Golden Guy Gallery. Not just a curated collection of 2d and 3d pieces, the gallery is an experience of exploration both spatially and mentally. We invite our guests to look past the surface and explore multiple dimensions of creativity from our amazing artists.


Black Rock City is an experimental city that exists for one week each year, during Burning Man, a radical gathering experience. Each year roughly 69,000 people gather in the dessert outside of Reno, NV to build and subsequently burn down the temporary city of creatives, builders, explorers, and dreamers.



2022 THEME

Transitioning from a wakeful state to sleep isn’t always a linear path. Waking dreams can cause surreal states of consciousness that allow a person to live in two worlds at once never having a true reality to call home. In this mind state fantasy and reality occupy the same space as the mind is not quite asleep and not really awake. What do you dream up when you are in this liminal space as you search for that feeling of home?

Apply before the 6-10-2022 deadline



Olivia Steele

“My art is not about what I see… Its about what I invite you to see” are the words of contemporary light artist Olivia Steele, who has earned an international reputation for her spirited public neon happenings. Always symbolic and sometimes irreverent, her neon statements suspend time and motion. The interpretable phrases inhabit spaces of contradictory, confrontational or conciliatory meaning. They crystallize the unity between landscape, semiotics and spectacle that engenders myriad avenues for contemplation.”

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Gerardo Rodríguez

Gerardo’s art is informed by his graphic design background and inspired by his childhood drawings, the storytelling of film, his dog Titus, and adventures with his partner Carly. Featuring his iconic black and white monsters in bold landscapes, he explores and captures the fun of friendly creatures interacting in their other-wordly surroundings.

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